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Roslan Paul

ASCELLA. Production Design Agency. At Ascella* we dream brilliant ideas for you, we wake up every morning to innovate and create bespoke events to fit you perfectly.

Take a look at some of our top notch projects.

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When Tel Aviv celebrates it has to be big, whether on land, air or at sea. We organized a celebration for the Tel Avivians, spanning from Tel Baruch beach at the north to Aliya Hill beach at the south with water sports, music events, extraordinary tours, lectures from the deep blue ocean and ecological activities for the whole family.

Client: Atarim at the Tel Aviv-Yafo Coast Line​   

Barak Brinker
European Union


Raised the roof for Europe in a massive electronic music festival, with the hottest DJ’s in Europe and over 50,000 participants including one President of Israel who came to congratulate. Every year we produce the European Union events in Israel, but this time - we surprised even ourselves :)


Client: European Union

Tel Aviv Municipality
Tel_Aviv_New_Logo (1)-01.png

DLD Festival Innovation Boulevard

When the oldest boulevard in Tel Aviv meets the top innovators in the city. 

Every year, we take Rothchild Boulevard into the future with dozens of art exhibits, makers, inventors, and developers that let you touch, play and experience their imagination defying creations.


Client: Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality and DLD Innovation Festival




Our friends at Samsung Next know how to give their employees a good time; and we are more than happy to take part in producing the company’s employee events, as well as conferences, exhibition booths, and VIP visits. For the summer we produced an event for the employees’ families at the “Zel Hahoresh” resort which they are unlikely to ever forget...

Client: Samsung Next TLV

 Tomer Foltyn
GFS 2.png

Google for Startups Campus

The guys at Google really know how to party. For the inauguration of the new Campus House, we made them an over-the-top party - with music shows, interactive art exhibits, hypnotizing video-art, a “crazy” food menu, and surprising cocktails.

Client: Google

Shay Shviro
 Tomer Foltyn
Intuit_2016_CMYK blue background-01.png


They say the first date is the most important one, so we invested in it big time. It’s not the first event we are producing for Intuit, but to honor the employees’ first encounter with their new CEO, we decided to outdo even our wildest dreams. We “took over” Peres Innovation Center with stunning decor, elaborate food menu, and a visit through the Center’s exhibitions.

Client: Intuit 

Roslan Paul

Night Lights Festival

When technology and art meet. 

Every year, around Christmas and Hanukkah, we light up Neve Sha’anan neighbourhood with video art exhibits, light exhibits, art and music shows, developed by the most interesting artists in the city, specifically for the festival.


Client: Tel Aviv Municipality


Ascella, or Zeta Sagittarii, is a part of the Sagittarius constellation, 88 light-years away from our solar system. It is a double star, 30 times brighter than our Sun. Its name comes from a somewhat less shiny origin. In Latin the name means “armpit” and it was given to the star due to its location at the constellation - at the archer’s armpit. Just reminding us that even the shiniest of successes begin with hard work and some sweat….